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Who is Steph?


Steph is a 22 year old actor, singer, and dancer from Massachusetts. She discovered her passion for theatre at the age of 5, and hasn't stopped since.

Steph at 3 years old.

She has been lucky enough to portray all sorts of musical theatre roles in all sorts of places, and has performed at Six Flags, Disney World, and aboard a cruise ship in the Bahamas. She has trained in acting, voice, and dance since kindergarten. If she steps on any kind of hard surface, there is a 99% chance she will start tapping.

In 2017, Steph spent several months studying at the Accademia dell’Arte conservatory in Arezzo, Italy. She learned some really cool things (Alexander Technique, Commedia dell’Arte, and Grotowski methods of movement) from some really cool people.

Steph and Persephone, the best bunny in the world.

Steph has a passion for teaching and working with children, and her love for creativity and ridiculous imaginary voices lead to her discovery of the world of voice acting. She spends her free time pursuing these projects, and has participated in several episodes of Fool’s Gold Theatre’s unique audio twist on the popular television series Supernatural.

She is a writer and director as well, mostly utilizing satirical forms of expression. She often focuses on devising techniques to create her work.

She has a 10-month-old bunny named Persephone (Percy for short) and she’s obsessed!

Steph’s voice can be heard on the “Family Music Makers” children’s CDs (disclaimer: she is only 4 years old on the first one, and would like to hope that her vocal technique has improved since then).

Fun Facts: Steph is a crazy fast typer. She was a Youtuber back in middle & high school, and yes, the videos are still out there. Steph once touched a wild alligator.