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Current Projects


Communal Reconnections?

April 1-13 • Allentown, PA

Stephanie is currently a member of Muhlenberg’s first Devising Community, a group of 14 students and 2 faculty members who are creating a project centered around and within the Allentown Community. She spent Fall 2018 conducting interviews and gathering research, and is now presenting a devised, interactive installation at Muhlenberg College.


Recent Projects


Muhlenberg College Senior Showcase

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March 7 • Actor’s Connection, NYC

Stephanie and the rest of the class of 2019 performed an open showcase for agents and managers in the NYC-area.


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March 15-17 • Muhlenberg College

Tomorrow is a personal project Stephanie directed and devised at Muhlenberg College. It was based partially on elections and partially on the idealization of a promised new beginning. It utilized the words of cult leaders and dictators as a means of manipulation. Tomorrow was an immersive experience created through these words and methods that culminated in a participatory event (and a little bit of human sacrifice).